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What is FlexNet?

In the Network of Excellence (NoE) FlexNet 17 participants from eleven European countries work together in order to support Europe in becoming the world leader in the field of Flexible, Organic and Large Area Electronics (FOLAE). FlexNet aims at interlinking Europe's FOLAE-expertise in the domains of science, technology development, components, devices and systems integration technologies.

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FlexNet Project Flyer (pdf)


Chances for Companies: Research Advisory Service

  • Does your company have questions regarding the possibilities of FOLAE technology?

  • Is your company seeking advice in how its products could be used for organic electronics?

  • Is your company working in the field already and needs a short study or the opinion of an expert?

As part of their work in FlexNet, all Partners can give you advice or carry out small research studies that may facilitate the commercial exploitation in FOLAE. Simply approach us with your questions or needs.

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The Structure of the Project

FlexNet is divided in four thematic platforms dealing with Critical Research Issues, Materials & Devices Integration, Systems Integration as well as Knowledge, Dissemination and Transfer to Industry.

Knowledge, Dissemination and Transfer to Industry

EOOE FlexNet The first objective of this work package is to build up and to consolidate a scientific FOLAE experts network, (and to transfer information to it) with focus in South-East Europe and a strong link to West-Central Europe.

The second objective of this work package is to foster the involvement of companies from Middle West and South East Europe in FOLAE. The third objective is to promote the coordination of higher education in European FOLAE activities at the student level but also for industries.

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Fact Sheet: Higher Education (pdf)

Fact Sheet: EOOE (pdf)


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higher education

Critical Research Issues

Materials & Devices Integration

Devices Integration framedTaking into account a crucial role of transistors in any electronic or opto-electronic systems, this particular WP will focus on analysis of the most important steps of OTFT integration: synthesis of new (also multifunctional) materials; modification and adjustment of interfaces; barrier materials, unification of methods of material characterisation (which, if necessary, could be applied on-line); effective and environmentally friendly processing and materials integration.

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Systems Integration



Overview of results

PolyNet Video of research results


Postdoctoral position in the area of Organic Electronics

Institution: Nanochemistry Lab of ISIS, University of Strasbourg & CNRS
organic electronics, graphene based electronics and self-assembly
Position available:
February 2012
CV, at least two references and a motivation letter
Paolo Samorì, Email:


Prof. Paolo Samorì
Institut Universitaire de France (IUF)

Institut de Science et d'Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (I.S.I.S.)
Université de Strasbourg & CNRS
8, allée Gaspard Monge
F-67000 Strasbourg (France)
Tel: +33-(0)3-68855160
Tel secretary: +33-(0)3-68855204
Fax: +33-(0)3-68855161

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